Shared Governance

NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to the principles of shared governance and has established a variety of representative bodies and institutional procedures for their constituencies to contribute to internal governance and decision-making processes in an advisory capacity.

Faculty, staff, students (undergraduate and graduate), and postdoctoral associates each run their own councils, enabling them to effectively gather group feedback in order to present this to the administration. In addition to collaboration between these representative bodies, appointed representatives also attend the meetings of the Cross-Council Committee.

Through their elected representatives and representative bodies, the various constituencies seek to obtain timely knowledge concerning issues that affect them so that they may provide valuable feedback. This kind of consultation allows for input during the decision-making process. NYUAD governance representatives are also obliged to keep their respective constituencies informed on an ongoing basis.

As an integral part of NYU, NYU Abu Dhabi governance representatives also serve on the University Senate and a variety of other university committees within their respective constituencies.