NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to the principles of shared governance (NYU Faculty Handbook, May 13, p. 12) and has established a variety of representative bodies and institutional procedures for their implementation.

Faculty Council

The NYUAD Faculty Council is a deliberative body that discusses all matters relating to policy and curriculum that are of interest or concern to the faculty. It meets three times a semester and its decisions and recommendations are recorded and forwarded to the University leadership.

Attendance and participation at the Faculty Council is open to all members of faculty (T/TT, Contract, Affiliates, Visiting), the Administration (VC, Provost, Vice Provosts, Deans, Associate Deans, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs), Library representatives (two), Post-Doc representatives (two), Student representatives (Chair of Student Council plus an additional representative, present for unreserved business only) and Graduate representatives (two).

The Provost of NYUAD and the Chair of the Faculty Council Steering Committee (FCSC) jointly chair the Faculty Council.


Faculty Forum

The NYUAD Faculty Forum is a faculty-only venue to allow faculty to collectively explore ideas and concerns in a less formal setting than the Faculty Council. It meets four times each semester. Although the faculty can pass resolutions at the Faculty Forum to express its opinions and concerns, the Faculty Forum has no executive functions.

Attendance and participation at the Faculty Forum is open to all members of Faculty (T/TT, Contract, Affiliates, Visiting), Postdocs and Academic Librarians.

Faculty Fora Agenda are set by the Faculty Council Steering Committee in consultation with all faculty.  Agenda items are solicited by way of an email to all faculty, and direct engagement between FCSC members and the faculty body which they represent, The first 45 minutes of the meeting are dedicated to the discussion of topics received in advance and noted in the agenda, with the second half reserved for an "open floor" session where faculty may raise ad-hod matters for discussion.