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IDBE Events Hosted by the NYUAD Institute

The NYU Abu Dhabi institute hosts a range of fascinating talks, including on topics related to IDBE, and past recordings are freely available online. The below selection highlights just some of these talks; more can be found on the Institute’s website.

Are We the Same or Different: Ethnicity and Personality in the Human Face
April 2019

Who Are We: What Can Genetics Tell Us About Identity
February 2019

Education Equity: Leading the Inclusion Revolution
January 2019

Uncovering Racial Violence in the U.S South, 1930-1954
November 2017

Supporting Women’s Work in the UAE: Transitions, Trajectories, and Intersections
January 2015

Pathways to Social Change: Women Leading the Way
April 2012 

Gender, Race, and Citizenship in the Global Village: The Resurgence of Orientalism
April 2011

Cosmopolitanism and Multiculturalism
January 2010