Autism Inclusion in the Spotlight

The campus dome will light up blue in support of autism awareness throughout the month of April

Press Release

For the sixth consecutive year, NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) will join the global movement for raising awareness of autism throughout the month of April. As part of its broader campaign, the University’s dome on campus will be lit blue in support of Autism Awareness Month.

The NYUAD campaign seeks to go beyond awareness and focus on acceptance, support, and education. NYUAD will collaborate with UAE community partner organizations to host a number of initiatives that emphasize the University’s wider commitment to diversity, inclusion, and supporting people of determination.


Inclusion is about all of us, not just those who engage directly with people of determination. With the momentum of Special Olympics, we have been delighted to see increasing collaborations both at our university and in wider society. The atmosphere at our annual autism conference is filled with hope, positivity and a shared investment in the future of the UAE. We are so excited to convene this important effort to help more and more community members better understand and support children with autism.


NYUAD Associate Director of Community Outreach Suparna Mathur

On Saturday, April 20 from 8:30am-5pm, NYUAD Community Outreach will host its fifth annual Autism Inclusion Conference, highlighting the theme A Unified Path Forward. This conference will bring together families touched by autism, leading professionals in the field, special educators, and supporters involved with the autism community throughout the UAE. The forum will tackle topics such as best practices of caregiving, academic inclusion, early intervention methods, and physical literacy, among others.

Local institutions participating in the conference include The Applied and Behavioral Training Institute (ABTi), Goals UAE, Kids Heart Medical Center, King's College Hospital, Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Special Education (MRC-NECC), American School of Dubai, Teddy Bear American Nursery, Al Noor Centre for Persons with Disabilities – Dubai, Maudsley Health, and Splash (retail).

Past editions of the conference have proved to be a rewarding opportunity for all involved to learn from each other, network, and collaborate for a common cause.

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