Asset Manager - Facilities Management

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Position Summary

UAE nationals are encouraged to apply. 

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) seeks to appoint an Asset Manager within the Facilities Management department, reporting to the Director of Facilties Management.

The Asset Manager shall be primarily responsible for the management of the NYUAD Facility Management Service Providers activities and preserve the value of the asset entrusted to NYUAD by the Government of Abu Dhabi. The core responsibilities of the Asset Manager include delivery of facilities management service, and operations and maintenance of the asset, lifecycle management, sustainability management, and managing the performance of service provider, consultants and contractors, and validating SLA’s and KPI’s of the service providers.

The Asset Manager shall be responsible for engaging and managing internal and external stakeholders including government partners and entities. The Asset Manager shall balance the role between high level tactical and operational oversight of the FM Service Provider and operational execution of the FM Service Providers deliverables to ensure the asset is being maintained in support of NYUAD’s academic mission. The Asset Manager shall be responsible for preservation of the asset, partake in future planning and development of the Campus with the Capital works team and maintaining the integrity of the asset for both functional purposes and maximization of Government of Abu Dhabi’s investment.

The Asset Manager shall play an instrumental role to deliver the Climate Action Plan in coordination with the Director of Facilities Management. The Asset Manager shall represent as the single point of contact for the day to day operation of the Campus and engage with the community members, stakeholders, end users, service providers, consultants and contractors to enable service delivery and maintain a safe and secure operation. The Asset Manager may be required to work outside core hours to support the operational requirements of the university or respond to emergencies and incidents that could disrupt the operation of the university.

Key Responsibilities:

Management of Service Provider and upkeep of assets via the maintenance and lifecycle programme:

  • Manage (oversee) the FM Service Provider (management function) to ensure they are managing their in-house resources and out-sourced third-party service providers, maintaining the physical asset and delivering services in accordance with the SLA’s and KPI’s, and where required coordinate and present recommendations to amend specific terms and conditions of the FM Service Agreement.  Managing consultants and contractors appointed in the pursuit of performing FM and Asset Management services
  • Management and upkeep of different buildings (both soft and hard services) and maintain a smooth operation in the academic and administrative services specifically sensitive areas of the university, and developing a suitable diverse maintenance strategy and SOP’s in coordination with the FM Service Provider to ensure the asset value is preserved and performing acceptably through the maintenance and lifecycle programme
  • Review of lifecycle plans and reports presented by the FM Service Provider, and present recommendations for endorsement to internal and external stakeholders. Facilitate the delivery of the lifecycle progamme from inception through to completion of the approved packages, monitor the approved programmes and where require manage engagement of external consultants and contractors for effective implementation of the programme
  • Review of Service Provider performance reports, and validating SLA’s and KPI performance in accordance with the FM Service Agreement, highlight service shortfalls with recommendations and measures to improve performance. Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports and presentations related to the asset performance to the asset owner and NYUAD management

Strategy & Planning:

  • Develop short-mid-long term periodic goals, FM service delivery, asset management plans, sustainability, budget forecasts and operational procedures and oversee the Campus operation, managing end user expectations via effective management of the Service Provider and monitoring all maintenance activities and service deliverables in accordance with FM Service Agreement
  • Review and development of policies and operational plans, maintenance programme and annual reports, lifecycle, sustainability and asset management plans in conjunction with the FM Service Provider and make recommendations to the Director or Associate Director of Facilities whether investments in the asset lifecycle or change in certain procedures are necessary and appropriate and/or beneficial to maintaining the asset’s value and operation
  • Develop budgets and expenditure reviews for the FM Services and lifecycle programme, cash flow forecasts, deploy controls to ensure service delivery does not exceed the approved budget and service fee and best practice is followed with acquisition of goods and service to demonstrate best value for money

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Effectively communicate with key academic and administrative stakeholders of the University and its government partners, internal departments, and third parties including Service Providers, consultants and contractors to make necessary decisions regarding the operation, service delivery, lifecycle, sustainability and asset performance
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate management committees to include Real Estate Committee, EHS Committee, Financial Advisory Committee, Activation Committee, Procurement Committee, Housing Committee regarding Campus operation and challenges, end user expectation, Service Provider performance, service levels, state of asset and or change to asset. Act on behalf of the Director of Facilities Management, when appropriate and approved by the Director of Facilities Management.  Liaise with Senior Leadership of the University and its Government Partner where required to ensure the strategic objectives of NYUAD are being implemented via the FM Service Provider for maintaining the University core activity and trajectory
  • Manage stakeholder expectations appropriately and carry out surveys to gauge the service levels and identifying measures to improve service delivery

Sustainability Management:

  • Develop energy and environmental management optimization plans, monitor utility consumption and expenditure, review maintenance and operational procedures in conjunction with the FM Service Provider and Director of Facilities Management to maintain compliance with Estidama and other environmental regulations and present recommendation reports to improve asset performance
  • Monitor the performance of the FM Service Provider and collaboration with the community members and other stakeholders to drive the implementation of the institutional Climate Action Plan and Sustainability Plan

CAFM System Operation & Asset Register:

  • Management of the CAFM system operation, helpdesk function, service requests and satisfactory close out of service requests, review of service reports, service shortfalls and complaints, trend analysis, and recommendations to improve service delivery and balance the reactive operation through a diverse maintenance programme. Present recommendations to improve the performance of the CAFM system to ensure it remains relevant and is supporting the operational requirements
  • Maintain oversight of moves and changes to different spaces and assets in accordance with the set governance through the FM Service Provider, engage with capital and minor works projects and coordinate with maintenance and life-cycling programme for a cohesive outcome. Maintain oversight of CAFM system to ensure records are maintained by the FM Service Provider based on approved moves and changes to the asset
  • Maintain the asset registers on CAFM system in accordance with the Asset Management framework through the FM Service Provider, monitor acquisition of assets and assigned assets to ensure that they are suitable for our need, placed on record, asset tagged, coded, valued appropriately. Facilitate the disposal process in conjunction with the Associate Director of Facilities Projects by identifying underperforming assets through the maintenance programme

Policies & Procedures:

  • Formulate, implement and management of policies and procedures for all FM and Asset Management Services. Facilitate ongoing review of operational procedures, asset management, sustainability and maintenance strategies to ensure that SLA’s and KPI’s are being maintained
  • Formulate health and safety initiatives as part of the FM operation, undertake inspections and risk assessments with NYUAD Campus Safety, EHS and implement the NYUAD EHS Policy and ensure the Service Provider is in compliance with Abu Dhabi Environmental Health Safety Management System and provide advice at a high technical/operational level to maintain compliance and a safe environment on Campus

Service Review & Audits:

  • Conducting and management of audits of the FM Service Provider, service levels and asset by internal and external auditors and regulatory bodies such as Abu Dhabi Civil Defense, Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, Abu Dhabi Environmental Health Safety Management System, Tadweer and other government entities in conjunction with the Service Provider and ensure satisfactory outcome from the inspections and develop remedial plans for rectification of non-conformances within agreed timeframes
  • Manage incidents and emergencies relating to the facilities operation during core and non-core hours, and access management for service delivery, maintenance and lifecycle works in conjunction with housing, student life, faculty and campus safety. Review incident and investigation reports presented by the FM Service Provider, and present recommendations to mitigate recurrence

Required Education:

  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Business Administration of Facility Management 
  • Certification or formal training leading to a bachelors degree
  • Membership and cetifications with professional bodies such as IWFM, AFMA, ASHRAE, LEED, AEE, RICS, etc.

Required Experience:

  • 10+ years with a FM Service Provider (client or service provider side) or Project Management firm performing a managerial or engineering role
  • Comprehensive understanding of managing assets, service providers, consultants and contractors
  • Ability to multitask

Preferred Experience:

  • Broad knowledge of facility management service operation (in-house or out-sourced model) both hard and soft services, project management, service management, FM Service Provider, consultants and contractor management and operational management acquired through related work experience with a FM Service Provider or Project Management firm, education or formal training
  • Analytical, negotiation, organizational, communication and leadership skills are required to effectively manage the asset, end user expectation and operation of the Campus, the FM Service Provider and relationships with stakeholders
  • Engineering, technical and financial analysis skills may also be required to demonstrate value for money
  • Appetite to learn and grow is a vital skill for the Asset Manager to stay relevant with emerging trends

Other Information

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