The Institute

The NYU Abu Dhabi Institute promotes cutting-edge and innovative research through the support of its 12 centers, labs, and projects.

From genomics and climate science to the humanities and Arabic literature, these projects benefit from our location in Abu Dhabi and contribute significantly to scholarship, scientific understanding, and artistic creativity. Institute centers and labs are an integral part of the NYUAD community and the greater community of Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the broader region.

Fabio Piano, NYUAD Provost

It is that constant, continuous ability to bring top discourse to Abu Dhabi that I think has been one of the great success stories of the Institute.

Fabio Piano, NYU Abu Dhabi Provost

Funding Criteria

Funding for Institute centers and labs has been provided in response to calls for proposals from faculty that address the following criteria:

  • Quality of scientific, scholarly, or creative content;
  • Likelihood that the research will lead to fundamental advances, new discoveries, technological developments, and/or innovative solutions in the discipline or area of inquiry, or across disciplines or areas of inquiry;
  • Scholarly strength and creative/research record of the principal investigator and research team or group members, and ability to undertake the project successfully, including appropriate commitment of time;
  • Potential for advancing the research mission of NYU, including integration of NYUAD with research at NYU in New York; and
  • When appropriate to the topic, relevance to the Abu Dhabi region.

These projects will produce advanced research and scholarship while also providing opportunities for undergraduate research, foci for graduate research topics, and opportunities for integration with faculty members across the University.

Institute Research News

New Climate Model Captures Key Features of Central Pacific El Nino

Climate Modeling

Scientists have developed a sophisticated new theoretical model that may lead to timelier, accurate forecasts of the central Pacific El Niño, an important weather-maker.

Smoking Shisha at Home Puts Non-Smokers at Risk, Researchers Warn

Shisha Danger

A study by the NYUAD Public Health Research Center shows secondhand smoke from shisha is worse than secondhand smoke from cigarettes.

How bilinguals juggle language

How Bilinguals Juggle Language

For the first time, researchers have illustrated that switching languages when speaking and switching languages when listening engages different parts of the brain.

NYUAD Researcher Stars in Arabic TV Series About Bedouin Life

Desert Poets

NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Humanities Fellow Marcel Kurpershoek, a former Dutch diplomat, traveled to the Arabian desert in the 1980s to record oral poetry and stories with the Bedouin people. He wrote a book about his fieldwork, which inspired a TV series in 2016 called "The Last Bedouin."