Vladimir Babushkin

Data Scientist Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, MA State University of Moldova

Research Websites: Teaching, Learning, and Development Lab

Research Areas: Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence

Vladimir Babushkin received his BSc in Applied Mathematics from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in 2018. He continued his graduate studies in Moldova State University, Chișinău, Moldova and graduated with MSc in Computer Science. His research interests are in interdisciplinary applications of Data Science and Analytics, Statistical Inference, Machine and Deep Learning, and Data Mining. Particularly he is interested in analyzing  multimodal psychological and physiological data related to child development, early childhood education, and parent-child interaction. Currently he is involved in Abu Dhabi Parenting Program and also studies the effects of COVID on the well-being of parents and children at the Teaching, Learning, and Development Lab