R Trainings

General information about the software and course

Introduction to the Statistical Software R and RStudio

This is an introductory course on the open-source, powerful, and highly extensible free statistical software R. This course is designed to give the course’s participants a brief introduction and understanding of the statistical software R (R Project) and the RStudio (RStudio Interface). The course assumes no previous knowledge of programming in R or other software. In addition, no statistical knowledge is required. This course is intended for students/researchers who want to explore data using R and RStudio. Students/researchers who enroll in the course will also receive a briefing on installing and using R and the popular editor RStudio.

Topics Covered:

  • The R Story
  • Working with R and RStudio
  • Online help
  • Read and Write Data in RStudio
  • Basic Arithmetic Operators
  • Some Statistical Functions
  • Graphs in R