Christopher Adrian Clough

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA ETH Zürich; MA ETH Zürich; PhD University of Texas at Austin

Research Areas: Topos theory; Homotopy Theory; Higher Categories; Derived Geometry

Adrian Clough studied mathematics at ETH Zürich, where he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. During a seminar at ETH on the bordism hypothesis, he became interested in homotopy theory and higher categories, as well as their applications to mathematical physics. He wrote his master’s thesis on the subject of higher algebraic geometry under the supervision of Bertrand Toën and Giovanni Felder.

Adrian then enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin for his PhD studies, drawn by the department’s excellence in the fields of homotopy theory and derived geometry, as well as its strong interaction with the physics department. Here, he began to focus on topos theoretic aspects of geometry and wrote his thesis under the supervision of Andrew Blumberg, in which he describes the construction of homotopical calculi on the infinity topos of differentiable sheaves.

With the goal of applying his expertise on smooth geometry and bordisms to problems in quantum computation, Adrian began working as a postdoctoral associate at the Center for Quantum and Topological Systems under the guidance of Hisham Sati at NYUAD in 2022.