Michaël' Bizot's research focuses on stellar physics. He is interested in theoretical and observational aspects. The central theme of his work is the application of statistical methods to the modeling of stars.

Understanding stars, besides being a beautiful physical problem in itself, is fundamental in many research areas. One studying planetary system wishes to characterize their stellar host in order to understand how these former have formed and evolved. One interested in the evolution of galaxies will use stars as markers of their chemical evolution. It is also important to understand precisely the Sun if only to understand its interaction with Earth. Stellar physics are also connected to many interesting problems in the field of theoretical and experimental hydrodynamics, in particular when it comes to understanding convective processes in the stellar interiors.

With the development of high-precision ground-based (CORALIE, HARPS, ESPRESSO,...) and spaceborne (CoRoT, Kepler, PLATO) observatories, there has been an ever-growing need for theoretical interpretations using stellar models. This can only be accomplished if one considers efficient methods to relate the observations and the theoretical models. Only then will one be able to obtain accurate and precise characteristics of the physical characteristics of stars. This can be accomplished using computational statistical methods. We can nowadays make extremely detailed (and sometimes probabilistic) assessments on what the available data really teach us about stars.

A tool of choice when it comes to making such assessments is seismology. It is a technique that allows to obtain data mostly sensitive to the interiors of stars. It is as such extremely interesting since these regions are where the nuclear energy sustaining the stellar structure is generated. These regions encompass the vast majority of the stellar and control the characteristic timescales of stellar evolution. It thus appears that asteroseismology is of the uttermost importance for the understanding of stellar structure and evolution.