Data Center for Space Science

  • The Center for Space Science (CSS) has established a Data Center for Space Science (DCSS), which acquires, archives, manages and processes selected scientific data sets from space missions. 

    The DCSS handles, in particular, observations from ground and space-based Solar missions and the Kepler space missions. These data are made publicly available by NASA as a matter of its policy, but local infrastructure in the UAE are required to acquire and analyse the data locally. The DCSS is making these observations available to all institutions in the UAE.

    The CSS intends to host workshops to train interested users in downloading and analyzing these data, and to offer internships and other opportunities to Emiratis to develop skills in data acquisition, handling and analysis. Such skills should build relevant capacity for facilitating research studies associated with the Emirates Mars Mission. 

    The DCSS will soon support data from other space missions, e.g. HOPE, Solar Orbiter, TESS, and PLATO (launch 2026). DCSS's openness towards the UAE community (academic institutions and research centers) is an essential aspect of this project.

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