The Center's core team is diverse and includes: 

  • local Physics and Mathematics faculty members, researchers and PhD students at NYU Abu Dhabi
  • researchers from the like-minded Center for Space Science at NYU Abu Dhabi 
  • faculty from at the the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics at NYU New York
  • international faculty members from the NYU Global Network


Principal Investigators

Co-Principal Investigators

Hisham Sati

Associate Dean for Student Success and Curricular Affairs; Program Head of Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics

CAP3 Fellows


  • Kevin Alabarta, Post-Doctoral Associate
  • Abdulla Alhosani, Research Assistant
  • Lolowa AlKindi, Research Assistant 
  • Jwaher Alnaqbi, Research Assistant 
  • Aisha Al Yazeedi, Research Assistant
  • Cristina Baglio, Post-Doctoral Associate 
  • Marvin Blank, Research Associate
  • Jasmina Blecic, Research Associate 
  • Yanping Chen, Research Associate
  • Keri Dixon, Research Associate 
  • Nikolaos Georgakarakos, Research Associate
  • Ivan Katkov, Post-Doctoral Associate
  • Matto Nori, Post-Doctoral Associate
  • Payaswini Saikia, Post-Doctoral Associate
  • Nadine Soliman, Research Assistant


  • Moaz Abdelmaguid, PhD student
  • Changhyun Cho, PhD student
  • Samuele Crespi, PhD student
  • Isaac Sarnoff, PhD student
  • Stefan Waterval, PhD student
  • Jin, Zehao, PhD student
  • Abdullah Alhosani, Undergraduate Capstone student
  • Harper Cho, Undergraduate Capstone student
  • Sana Elgamal, Undergraduate Capstone student
  • Kacper Lecki, Undergraduate Capstone student
  • Umang Mishra, Undergraduate Capstone student
  • Ramon Wrzosek, Undergraduate Capstone student
  • Pavle Vulanovic, Undergraduate Capstone student
  • Harper Cho, Post-graduation Practical Training Program
  • Kacper Lecki, Post-graduation Practical Training Program
  • Umang Mishra, Post-graduation Practical Training Program
  • Ramon Wrzosek, Post-graduation Practical Training Program