Research Ethics Committee (REC)

NYUAD’S Research Ethics Committee (REC) is a branch of the IRB designated for the review of Abu Dhabi based biomedical research and research involving human tissue sampling. The REC follows Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DOH) policy and standard operating procedures (DOH REC SOP). Research can be determined Exempt through a desk review by the IRB staff. Any project not qualifying for exemption is reviewed by the convened committee at monthly meetings.

How to determine if your research requires REC review under DOH policy:

REC Decision Tree

Update on Department of Health (DOH) Human Subjects Research Regulations

The Department of Health (DOH) has revised their standard operating procedures (SOP) to reflect the recent changes to DOH’s medical research governance structure. Among the most substantial changes is the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Health Research and Technology Committee (ADHRTC) responsible for reviewing all Abu Dhabi-based research falling into the following categories/areas:

  • Health-related or Biomedical
  • Clinical Trials
  • Multi-centers
  • Genomics 
  • Processing of medical data outside UAE
  • Pharmaceutical/companies sponsored research 
  • ALL COVID-19 Abu Dhabi-based research

If your research fits the criteria for ADHRTC review please note that you’re still required to obtain NYUAD REC/IRB approval in addition to ADHRTC approval. These two review processes can happen simultaneously, though your human research activities cannot commence until both have been secured.
Please check our “Guides and Resource Library” for the ADHRTC application form. The following documents should also accompany your application:

  • Detailed proposal
  • Consent form
  • Data collection sheet
  • PI and Co-PIs CV and GCP certificates
  • Questionnaire/survey (if applicable)

Once completed, all documents should be sent to

Contact Us

For questions or guidance on the REC and its jurisdiction, please email