Storytelling Through Film

Sadeq Alkhoori, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2022.

NYU Abu Dhabi alumnus and Fulbright Scholar Sadeq Mohammed Alkhoori talks about his film making process.

The sight of racing camels, with their lean musculature being prepared for an upcoming dash, is one of Sadeq Mohammed Alkhoori’s early memories of his childhood in Ajman. His house, within earshot of the race’s festivities, placed the young Emirati in regular interactions with the pedigree dromedaries and sparked a lifelong curiosity about his own heritage and identity. 

Alkhoori's early interaction with pedigree dromedaries sparked a lifelong curiosity about his own heritage and identity as an Emirati.

When the time came for the Film and New Media major to create his Capstone film, the NYUAD Class of 2022 alumni found an outlet for decades of discovery. Using techniques gained during his time at both the NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Los Angeles campuses, Alkhoori was excited to create work that “inspire insightful conversations, prompting global audiences to reflect on the Emirati experience.” 

The resulting film delved into the culture and struggles of an Emirati family drama, exploring the hardships faced by the characters and the unbreakable bond of brotherhood in the UAE.

His film was selected for the Student World Impact Film Festival, reaching audiences around the world and providing a platform for the aspiring filmmaker to build his skillset.

The NYUAD Class of 2022 alumnus is continuing the dialogue of sharing the Emirati culture in future storytelling as an awardee of the Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program. As Alkhoori prepares to travel to the United States this summer to embark on his MFA program, he is confident of his capabilities.

I am honored to carry the torch of NYU, an institution that consistently illuminates the path toward my artistic aspirations and future pursuits.


His advice to NYUAD students:“Believe in yourself, tap into your diverse experiences, and let your passion shine through. By doing so, you'll inspire others and increase your chances of success on this extraordinary path. Keep striving, and the world will embrace the remarkable individual you are becoming.”