Campus Life Leadership Awards 2020

An annual celebration of the outstanding leadership of our students.

The awards recognize the leadership contributions of NYU Abu Dhabi students to our institution and our surrounding community.

Congratulations to the following winners!

Senior Leader

This award recognizes the three graduating seniors who have exhibited superior leadership ability by making a substantial impact on NYU Abu Dhabi and its community throughout their college career.

Simran Motiani
Motoi Oyane
Sara Pan Algarra

Emerging Leader

This award recognizes one student who has come into their own as a leader this year. This student has previously been an active participant in campus life, but has challenged themselves to step firmly into leadership roles and responsibilities this year.

Manson Tung

Rising Leader

This award recognizes the three first-year NYU Abu Dhabi students who are rising leaders and have demonstrated great leadership promise or growth in leadership skills.

Pamela Martinez
Ana-Maria Radu
Beniamin Strzelecki

Athletic Integrity

This award recognizes the student who has been encouraging to others, inspires athletic participation, is a consistent team player, and pushes their own boundaries in sport or competition.

Keziah Johnson

Collaborative Leadership

This award is shared jointly by two or more students who have worked together collaboratively to achieve mutual goals that resulted in positive change for the university.


Community Service

This award recognizes the student who has had an extraordinary impact on the community through their time, talent and dedicated efforts. The nominee should serve as a role model for others and have demonstrated achievements in community building, civic engagement, active volunteerism and/or creation of innovative service projects or initiatives.

Doovaraha Maheswarasarma

Diversity, Inclusion, and Dialogue

This award recognizes the student who has improved the NYUAD community through advancing awareness and education to examine the complex areas of identity and their intersections.

Waseem Chaudry

Healthy Living

This award recognizes the student who embodies healthy living and promotes positive behaviors and choices. This student has made significant contributions to their communities through raising educational awareness of physical and/or mental health issues.

Raeesa Omar

Humble Leader

This award recognizes the student who does what needs to be done without expecting recognition or reward. They pursue leadership not for a title, but for results, working hard and consistently demonstrating their reliability. They may be quiet in their words, but are loud in their deeds.

Ayham Adawi

Innovative Leadership

This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated exceptional levels of creativity, innovation, or entrepreneurship in their campus leadership activities.

Prince Annor


This award recognizes the student whose enthusiastic presence and spirit uplifts the energy of those around them. Their personal optimism is contagious and moves everyone forward in a positive way.

Sebastiano Pio Matera

UAE Cultural Ambassador

This award recognizes the student who continually strives to connect NYU Abu Dhabi students with their host country, and to promote cultural understanding of the United Arab Emirates.

Sarah AlKaabi

Associate Vice Chancellor's Excellence Award

The Associate Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence is presented to the top student each year who represents the university’s highest ideals, and has made a significant impact at NYU Abu Dhabi through their community involvement and leadership. This award is presented by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to one student from any class to recognize their contributions to the University and to acknowledge their role in shaping the values and spirit of NYU Abu Dhabi.

Hafsa Ahmed
Vongai Mlambo

Campus Life Staff Award

This award is presented to a staff member from the Campus Life team who has challenged and empowered students by encouraging engagement across difference, building spirit, and positively impacting the NYUAD student body. This staff member is visible, approachable, responsive, enthusiastic, and committed to students above and beyond their defined role. The awardee of this award is chosen through nominations from the student body and decided by the student committee. 

Lyne Ismail

Faculty Award

This award recognizes and celebrates a faculty member's commitment to student development outside of the academic realm. The award is given annually to a faculty member who goes above and beyond their role as a researcher and teacher to invest in the student experience outside of the classroom, helping students to develop personally as leaders, citizens, and members of a diverse community. The awardee of this award is chosen through nominations from both the student body and Campus Life staff, and is decided jointly by the student and staff Campus Life Leadership Award committees.

Matt Karau