NYUAD Faculty Awarded Prestigious Research Grants

NYUAD Assistant Professor of Engineering Ozgur Sinanoglu and team in the Design-for-Excellence lab at NYUAD have received recognition, and a US National Science Foundation grant for their work on developing and advancing techniques to build protections directly into the chip-design process.

Four new grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the US Embassy to the United Arab Emirates, and the NYU Abu Dhabi Research Institute have been awarded to NYUAD faculty members, allowing them to continue their pursuits of pioneering research projects across the disciplines. As NYUAD Provost Fabio Piano said, "It is telling that these new awards span engineering, social science, the humanities, and arts — a recognition of the breadth of work being done at NYUAD."

NYUAD Assistant Professor of Engineering Ozgur Sinanoglu and NYU-Poly Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Ramesh Karri will use their three-year USD 500,000 grant from the NSF (an independent US government agency supporting scientific research) to further their research in developing improved methods and new techniques to safeguard the security, quality, and design of electronic chip hardware. With the project "Adapting VLSI Test Principles for VLSI Trust" Sinanoglu and Karri will aim to improve the reliability and efficacy of techniques, such as logic encryption and split manufacturing.

NYUAD Associate Dean of Social Science Hannah Brückner, working in collaboration with Yale University Professor Julia Adams, also received NSF funding, a two-year grant for USD 70,000 to investigate indications of systematic gender bias in both contributors and content in the reference tool Wikipedia. The project, "Collaborative Research: Wikipedia and the Democratization of Academic Knowledge," will study mechanisms that potentially influence gender bias in the contributor-based resource, and the prevalence of gender bias across different academic disciplines.

In addition, the NYUAD Institute has announced the award of a five-year humanities research fellowship based in Abu Dhabi, which — under the leadership of NYUAD Vice Provost of Intellectual and Cultural Outreach Reindert Falkenburg and Lauren Benton, NYU dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science — will bring distinguished senior and junior scholars in the Humanities to NYUAD each year to further their scholarship in their respective disciplines with a focus on topics related to the Arab world.

And last but not least, the US Embassy to the United Arab Emirates has awarded NYUAD two grants for a project called "Intersections: Highlighting the Connections between US and UAE Cultures." With these funds, the University will develop a public lecture series focusing on Arabic and American literature and art, conducted by NYUAD faculty and select guest speakers, to be held at universities and other venues throughout the UAE.