Clinton's Case for Optimism Includes NYUAD Hult Challenge Winners

In "The Case for Optimism," an article written by Bill Clinton for Time Magazine, the former US President discusses the positive developments taking place in the world today despite the "negative forces shaping our shared fates." Throughout the piece he focuses on the good, sharing examples of his optimism. One such example is the group of NYUAD classmates that comprised one of three winning teams in this year's Hult Global Case Challenge, an annual competition that pairs teams of students with leading NGOs to find solutions for global social challenges.

"The team was four students: one from India, one from Pakistan, one from China, and one from Taiwan," Clinton writes. "When they came onstage to receive their award and pose for a picture, I asked them, 'Are you sure you guys want this in the local paper?' And they said, in various ways, 'We are so over this.' The differences between India and Pakistan over Kashmir are real, as are the tensions between China and Taiwan, but these students are living 10 years from now. They have something to look forward to, and they set a wonderful example for the rest of us to follow."

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