2010-2011 Sheikh Mohamed Scholars Announced

Just 10 days after unveiling NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2014, NYUAD has announced the selection of the 2010-11 class of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars. Diane Yu, executive director of the Scholars Program, explains: The Sheikh Mohamed Scholars represent the best and the brightest of the UAE's students; they are intelligent, driven, and passionate individuals who are eager to develop into the future leaders of their country. NYU Abu Dhabi is looking forward to taking these outstanding students on a journey of intellectual challenge, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

This year, 20 students from three national universities in the UAE (United Arab Emirates University, Zayed University, and Higher Colleges of Technology) were selected to participate in the program. The students will take one of two courses — a course on the relationship between religion and government, as seen through the lens of the US Supreme Court (taught by NYU President John Sexton); or a class on US presidential politics and foreign policy (co-taught by US political strategist Bob Shrum and journalist Jim Traub) — as well as English language training, public speaking, debate, and leadership development.

The one-year program includes a trip to New York City and Washington, DC, where they will have the opportunity to experience the cultural, intellectual, and political environments of these two cities, meet distinguished leaders, and explore NYU's campus at Washington Square.