The Best of Both Worlds

Quinn Fang, NYU Shanghai Class of 2020.

Quinn Fang picked NYU because she could enjoy the comforts of home and the independence of studying away

Global education is a big part of NYU, and Quinn Fang knows it well. Fang, Class of 2020, chose NYU Shanghai to be close to her family, where she grew up. At the same time, joining NYU would give her the amazing opportunity to study away at the campuses in Abu Dhabi and New York. So far, it has turned out to be the best of both worlds.

NYU Abu Dhabi as Study Away Location

Fang is pursuing a double major in computer science and interactive media. While most of her classmates chose to go to New York for their courses, Fang picked NYUAD.

“For interactive media arts, Abu Dhabi has a really good film and arts program,” Fang said, and speaking with seniors affirmed the fact. As a growing campus, more opportunities are also available at NYUAD for creative coding.

First Time in the Middle East

Surprised at how friendly people are in the UAE, Fang says the diverse, safe community also makes it an accepting atmosphere for people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Quinn Fang, NYU Shanghai Class of 2020 during a trip in Oman.

A Campus with Community Spirit

All classes at NYUAD are held on the same campus where student residences are located — whereas in Shanghai, residential accommodation is a 15-minute shuttle bus ride away from the academic building.

I have never thought about the importance of a full campus with residences on site… this campus gives me such a nice feeling of community.

Quinn Fang, NYU Shanghai Class of 2020.
NYU Abu Dhabi students on the highline.

Fang enjoys seeing people walking around the Highline reading, or chatting. She feels more relaxed in Abu Dhabi and less stressed out for her exams, she says jokingly. For NYU Shanghai students who are toying with the idea of a semester abroad at NYU Abu Dhabi, Fang encourages them to experience the nice community for themselves.