Residential Colleges

NYU Abu Dhabi residential colleges are generally divided into three buildings, where the floors are separated by gender. There are also designated areas within the residential colleges dedicated to non-visitation community, where individuals of the opposite sex are not permitted entry. Each floor has an assigned Resident Assistant (RA) to promote education, health, and safety and community development.

Building Facilities

  • security desk staffed 24/7 by a Public Safety officer
  • access to a computer room and industrial printer/copier/scanner
  • community kitchen
  • laundry room
  • lounge located on the main floor

Rooms and Amenities

Room types vary between double studios, single suites, and double suites. Each room type has four occupants.

Double Studio

  • one bedroom, one bathroom, two study tables with chairs

Single Room Suite

  • four single bedrooms, two shared bathrooms, furnished common living area, kitchenette with table, chairs, mini-fridge, microwave

Double Room Suite

  • two shared bedrooms, two private bathrooms, furnished common living area, kitchenette with table, chairs, mini-fridge, microwave

New students are provided linens including sheets, a duvet, duvet cover, pillow, face towel, and body towel.

Residential College Communities

You will get to know your peers and roommates within and across the residential colleges by participating in community events. Residential groups and events are a great way to pursue your personal interests, share ideas, and learn something new.

How are Rooms Assigned?

Geographic diversity is a primary variable in the room assignment process for first-year students.

This model reflects the University’s value that students should network across geographic differences. We feel it is important for all new students to meet new people, expand their interests, broaden their understanding of different regions and cultures, and stretch their comfort zones with all that NYU’s global network has to offer. We want our residents to celebrate each other’s commonalities and expect that they will respect each other’s differences. As such, students may not submit requests for specific roommates during their first year.

The following criteria and application preferences are considered when assignments are made for incoming first-year students:

  1. gender
  2. reasonable accommodations approved by Moses Center pending availability
  3. visitation preference
  4. geographic diversity
  5. room type request
  6. responses to the housing lifestyle questionnaire (carries the least weight in the process)

Housing Rates

Semester Cost
Spring/fall *USD 5,900 per semester
J-Term semester (three weeks) *USD 1,050 per semester

*Housing rates are part of room and board fees

A Day in the Life

"Abu Dhabi has the best people, and the best opportunities."

Every semester, NYU Abu Dhabi is home to visiting students from the New York and Shanghai campuses. NYU Shanghai junior Cameron Lee Shetler takes us through a day in the life at NYUAD during her semester abroad.

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