Nobel Laureate Ouided Bouchamaoui Joins NYU Abu Dhabi as Diplomacy Professor

Nobel Peace Prize winner Ouided Bouchamaoui has been appointed Professor of Practice of Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at NYU Abu Dhabi, effective April 1. Bouchamaoui, from Tunisia, is celebrated for her extensive experience in various fields, such as international business, community engagement, negotiation, crisis management, and women empowerment.

A central figure in the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, Bouchamaoui was instrumental in the group’s achievement of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. The Quartet was recognized for its decisive contribution to the development of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia, including the organization of presidential and legislative elections and the ratification of the 2014 Tunisian Constitution. Following these accomplishments, Bouchamaoui took on the role of Peace Envoy, promoting the critical role of dialogue in crisis resolution worldwide.

In addition to her peace efforts, Bouchamaoui broke new ground as the first woman president of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce, and Handicrafts, where she played a crucial role in fostering investment and mediating labor disputes. Her career also includes leadership positions in various organizations, underlining her broad business and conflict resolution expertise.


“It is a true honor for NYU Abu Dhabi to welcome Ouided Bouchamaoui to our university, where she taught a very popular course this academic year. It is a special joy to announce her joining just after we celebrated International Women’s Day, as she is part of a fast growing cohort of women who have won the Nobel Prize, a distinction that for so long was overwhelmingly awarded to men.”

Vice Chancellor of NYU Abu Dhabi Mariët Westermann

“Ouided Bouchamaoui's remarkable journey from promoting democracy and peace in Tunisia to leading global discussions on conflict resolution makes her an invaluable addition to our academic community. Her appointment reinforces our commitment to offering diverse and profound learning experiences that prepare our students to tackle the world's most pressing challenges.”

NYU Abu Dhabi Provost Arlie Petters

Bouchamaoui's academic and professional accolades include a master’s in public administration from Harvard Kennedy School, numerous honorary doctorates, and prestigious awards such as the Legion of Honour and The Order of the Polar Star. 

Her role at NYU Abu Dhabi will enhance the university's dedication to building a vibrant community of scholars distinguished by their research, teaching, and ability to inspire students in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Her expertise will greatly enrich the University’s academic and cultural fabric, providing students and faculty alike with unparalleled insights into diplomacy, negotiation, and the pursuit of peace and democracy.