Classes That Promote Analytical Thinking

Being a computer science major did not stop Omar Hussein from broadening his horizons and taking other classes for his education.

Name: Omar Hussein
Major(s): Computer Science
Division: Science
Home Country: United Kingdom

Two classes, Tolerance and Saving Strangers, would not necessarily be top of the list as the most impactful for a computer science major, but for Omar Hussein these courses altered his entire world view. 

Taught by Associate Professor of Philosophy Matthew Silverstein, Tolerance led students to explore questions on being tolerant of the beliefs and practices of others while discussing topics on relativism in different philosophical and religious traditions. Saving Strangers, with lecturer Camilla Boisen, discussed whether humanitarian intervention can be morally justified in society. These two classes were not only engaging, they helped Hussein develop as a thinker and as a writer, and changed the way he approaches problems. 

“It actually enabled me to go out and do my own reading about topics I find interesting and approach it with a more analytical lens,” Hussein said. 

The amount of direct feedback Hussein received from professors in his classes also meant more mentorship and guidance to navigate various courses and discover new ways of thinking. 

Hussein’s interest in computer science lies in the fact that there are a wide range of direct applications in the real world. For his Capstone, he developed a quality assessment tool for sentences found in Wikipedia. Since content on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, Hussein’s tool aims to increase the quality of content by detecting sentences that do not meet Wikipedia’s standards based on certain metrics. 

After graduation, Hussein will be working at BP in London as a business analyst, acting as a bridge between the technology department and business development to continue the company’s mission to transform from an international oil company to an integrated energy company.