A Global Education Beyond the Classroom

From roommate placements to sports, NYU Abu Dhabi gave Aayush Deo a life education that will continue beyond his undergraduate years.

Name: Aayush Deo
Major(s): Computer Science
Division: Science
Home Country: Fiji

One would think that after attending a high school with fewer than 50 students per class in his home country of Fiji, Aayush Deo would have been keen to attend a university with more students in the classroom. However, when he began his search for where he’d spend the next four years, Deo looked no further than NYU Abu Dhabi and its emphasis on small, intimate classrooms. 

In his first year, Deo noticed the University’s efforts to arrange for students of different backgrounds to live together to promote dynamic interactions. With over 120 nationalities representing the Class of 2022, students are intentionally assigned to live with those from a different country. It allows for students like Deo, who may not have much exposure to cultures and interactions outside their own, to begin their global learning experience beyond the classroom.

Activities during term breaks, J-Terms, and semesters abroad are other ways that ensure students are continuously exposed to a global dialogue and igniting their curiosity about the world. 

Try New Things

As someone who had always been more active in academic activities than playing sports, Deo was surprised by the warm welcome he got at NYUAD when he became more engaged in sports. Deo loves the inclusive nature sports teams have for new joiners and novices. “You can be part of a team and be really welcomed… I went from not knowing much to becoming the captain of the dragon boat team,” Deo said.

Aayush Deo, NYUAD Class of 2022 was also part of the rugby team on campus.

Deo still remembers coming to NYUAD wondering how he would adjust to living in such a diverse community. Four years here has taught him so much — he leaves knowing that everyone has shared commonality regardless of where they are from. “You really extend your education beyond your four years here.”