Water Ambassadors

On World Water Day, three students talk about the importance of maintaining dialogue on water security.

Three Emirati NYU Abu Dhabi students were awarded the Water Ambassador Award for demonstrating leadership potential and a passion to contribute to UAE’s water security. This award came after news of a partnership between NYUAD with Emirates Water and Electricity Company to support the NYUAD Water Research Center’s mission for water security and sustainability. 

The students spoke about the importance of their role and how they got involved with NYUAD’s Water Research Center. 

Lateefa AlRemeithi, NYUAD Class of 2023.

Name: Lateefa AlRemeithi
NYUAD Class of 2023

Majors: Legal Studies and Political Science (double major)

I got involved with the Water Research Center through a course called Water for Life. The course allowed me to delve into extensive research on issues around the world in regards to water accessibility and sustainability. 

The role as a water ambassador is important to me as I feel it is my duty not only to raise awareness but also to lead through my actions. I’d like to work on interactive measures where people would begin to feel connected to the issues and would want to make an intentional change.

Name: Hamad Abdulla Alameri
NYUAD Class of 2023

Major: Computer Engineering major

My knowledge of water-related issues was very limited until I took the colloquium course Water for Life with Professor of Engineering and Director of NYUAD Water Research Center Nidal Hilal.

Hamad Alameri, NYUAD Class of 2023.

It widened my perspective regarding many water-related issues from poor accessibility of water to life-threatening health diseases due to the lack of clean water. I want to be part of the solution in making a difference. 

The importance of my role stems from the gravity of the earth’s greatest threat — the lack of accessibility to clean water. As I consider myself an advocate for human rights, I believe that accessibility to clean water is a vital element of basic human rights.

Mira Aljallaf, NYUAD Class of 2023.

Name: Mira Zayed Aljallaf
NYUAD Class of 2023

Major: Mechanical Engineering

The role of the Water Ambassador is supposed to raise awareness about the different water issues and the water crisis that we are currently facing. 

The water ambassador will also create on-campus activities that both raise awareness and introduce the latest developments of the Water Research Center.  

I have an interest in sustainability and environmental issues. This role is important for me to continue to raise awareness around the water crisis and shine a light on many related issues that stems from it such as marine life and human health.