Mental Health Awareness Month at NYU Abu Dhabi

Caring for your mental health is important during these challenging times.

March is Mental Health Awareness Month at NYU Abu Dhabi. The month also marks one year since the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The way the NYUAD community goes about their daily lives has changed: virtual classes, social distancing, wearing masks in public, and many more safety measures that are saving lives. While there is no easy solution to these challenging times, we hope these few suggestions can serve as a reminder of the ways you can still regain control and take care of your mental health.

1. Remind yourself you’re only human.

It’s okay not to be feeling positive all the time. Times are tough, and to be feeling negative emotions is to be human.

2. Adjust your schedules.

How much do you have on your plate right now? Remember to check in with yourself and set boundaries as needed.

3. Eat nutritious meals.

Have balanced meals. Try a variety of food that boost and fuel your body and soul.

4. Take care of your body.

Exercise, stretch, meditate. Do whatever suits your interest but move your body regularly. Regulate your caffeine intake and get more rest.


5. Create new traditions for connecting regularly.

Check in with your friends, family, and peers via messaging apps, phone calls, etc. 

6. Give yourself a break.

Zoom fatigue and a lack of connectedness can take a mental toll. It’s okay to be less productive - it doesn’t determine your self worth.

7. Do a “worry drop.”

Write out all your fears in a journal. What’s in your control and what’s not? Focus on the things you can change.

8. Note small blessings.

A kind message from a friend? Woke up to a lovely sunny day? Note the small good things that bring you joy.