Five Items You Want to Pack for College

Don’t leave home without packing these things in your luggage

College is an exciting time for students. For many, it’s the first time they are leaving home and beginning life as an independent young adult.

In the process of packing and bidding farewell to family and friends, it's inevitable that some important items get forgotten. We have a list of the top five most commonly forgotten items by NYUAD students.

Don’t Leave Home Without...

1. A calculator

Despite an impending mathematics placement test for some students, many students forget to bring along their calculators. If you know you’re likely to be taking a subject that needs lots of calculation, make sure you pack one in your luggage early on.

2. Snacks from home

While Abu Dhabi is home to more than a hundred nationalities around the world, there are just certain snacks from home that you won’t be able to find here.

Items our first-year students wished they had packed with them include favorite Korean cup noodles, chocolates from Kazakhstan, and delicious biscuits from Malaysia.

3. Photographs and objects from home

In the mad rush of packing and preparing for college, some students lament forgetting to bring along photographs of family, friends, and pets.

4. Shorts

All year round, most places on campus and around the UAE are fully air-conditioned, leaving you a little chilly even in the summer. Yet, a pair of comfortable shorts will come in handy at some point. Trust us on this.  Also, did we mention that Saadiyat Public Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi, is just minutes away from campus?

5. Slippers

Slippers are comfortable to wear when lounging in the residences and are useful for the bathroom too.