Classroom Technology

NYUAD Classrooms are generally equipped with technology and equipment that compliments and enhances the teaching and learning experience. 

During class hours, our dedicated team of experienced Academic Technology Support Analysts are on standby to provide you assistance in using classroom technology or to troubleshoot issues when they arise. Spare equipment are also available on a standby basis to get the class back on track in case of situations that require a longer repair time.

If you need in-depth, in-person training using the technology in the classroom or would like to discuss your technology needs in delivering the class, please email to book an appointment.

AV Hotline

For assistance before or during class or to report a fault in the system, please call the AV Hotline at 87666 or email

Classroom Equipment

Standard classrooms are typically fitted with:

  • Primary system control Touch Panel (controls video input/output, audio, lighting, blinds, conferencing) 
  • Overhead projector with a 133" projector screen and audio or TV screens
  • Room computer
  • Multiple cable connections for your laptop
  • Media playback devices, such as Blu-Ray/DVD Player
  • Smart Screen Annotation
  • Polycom Video Conference (selected rooms)

Center for Academic Technology

The Center for Academic Technology (CAT) is the one-stop shop where NYU Abu Dhabi students, faculty, and staff can receive help with their academic technology needs.

The team supports students, faculty, and staff in using technology, software, and equipment for their teaching and research. This team also supports classroom technology services and audio-visual services on campus. They are located in the NYUAD Library.