Center for Digital Scholarship

The Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) supports faculty, scholars, and Library partners in digitizing, archiving, and publishing scholarly content and resources. The CDS is responsible for ensuring that digital archival materials are captured, stored, and preserved according to international preservation standards using our digital preservation repository. The CDS can shepherd digital projects from their inception to their eventual archival treatments, creating responsible lifespans for these projects and their related data. We work closely with our Archives and Special Collections department to bring historic resources into the digital world and to capture and archive new resources responsibly.

Project Collaborations

A selection of current projects include:

Winter Institute in Digital Humanities

The Center for Digital Scholarship is also co-founder and co-host of the Winter Institute in Digital Humanities, an event aimed at researchers and educators interested in the intersection of technology and the humanities. Now in its third iteration, the Winter Institute has drawn instructors and scholars worldwide to engage in an intensive digital humanities learning environment. The Winter Institute features hands-on courses, lunchtime presentations, a poster session, cultural and academic visits, and networking opportunities. 

Topics addressed in the courses vary from year to year. Recent offerings have focused on computational analysis of cultural heritage, artificial intelligence and the classroom, spatial analysis of societies, Arabic text analysis, and the data of culture. The courses share a common vision of how the digital has changed and continues to change, the way that we learn, teach, do research, and disseminate knowledge. Certain courses also address new responsibilities and horizons for the arts and humanities in an age of automation.

To stay in touch about these and other similar events, consider joining our NYUAD Digital Humanities listserv by sending a request to

Music and Sound Cultures Research Group

As partners in the Music and Sound Cultures research group, we created a digital compendium of regional heritage music for computational analysis using a collections-as-data approach. We also capture and preserve sound culture materials about the Arab Mashriq, accessible via our preservation repository. This collection continues to grow, expanding on our collection of audio materials, the Andrew Eisenberg collection of East African commercial sound recordings.

The Capstone Archives

The Capstone Archives is an accumulating collection of NYUAD Capstone senior research projects, beginning with the Class of 2014, which the Archives and Special Collections department partners with the Center for Digital Scholarship to make accessible as an online digital collection. A living, growing digital archive that represents a diverse sampling of the research, innovation, and creative endeavors of NYUAD undergraduate students, the online collection includes open Capstone project essays and reports. For questions about submitting your Capstone project or other related questions, contact for assistance. Graduate students should contact the Graduate Program Office for questions and information about Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

Arabic Collections Online

The Center for Digital Scholarship is the home of the Arabic Collections Online project at NYUAD, a publicly available digital library of public domain Arabic language content. ACO provides digital access to nearly 18,000 volumes across 10,473 subjects drawn from rich Arabic collections of distinguished research libraries, including NYU Libraries, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, American University in Cairo, American University of Beirut, United Arab Emirates National Archives, and Qatar National Library.

Meet Our Team 

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