Class of 2023 Stories

Making Art

Moving to Abu Dhabi gives artist Fabiola Chiminazzo opportunities to explore new approaches to her work.

True Grit

Abdi Hamisi Ambari is creating a safe passage for Burundi refugees using the short messaging service via an unlikely hero — the Nokia mobile phone.

Serving the Community

Ghaya Mohammed Alshamsi believes in giving back to her community and continuing dialogues on the sense of belonging.

Taking the Driver’s Seat

Bilal Thonnam Thodi realizes that while things in life do not always follow a linear route, you can still steer your own journey.


Not many people can say that the fate of their academic career was because of a street demonstration, unless you’re Victoria Marcano.

Bend It Like Hamza

Moulay Hamza Kanzi Belghiti found the recipe to balancing his academic pursuits through the power of sports in soccer.

Catching Waves

Surfing provides Wilder Worrall with great perspectives on life and his learning difference.

Ripple Effects

Nitika Parasrampuria’s college education did not just impact her, but gave hope of endless possibilities to her extended family.

Supportive Environment

Aligned interests and great rapport with his mentor have helped Weiwei He inch closer to his post-graduation goal.

Smooth Transitions

Many aspects of practicing parkour are deeply embedded in Zack Tan’s way of life.

Maryam Alshehhi

Maryam published her Arabic children’s book addressing questions of belonging and identity.