The NYU Abu Dhabi Student

NYU Abu Dhabi students come to the UAE from dozens of countries, and most speak more than one language. To be accepted into our highly selective cohort of global leaders, students must stand out among their peers in both academic and extracurricular achievement.

Our students use these four years to travel the world, engage in different environments, gain work experience through internships, volunteer in the local community, and win prestigious awards and accolades. They go on to study in master's programs at the world's top graduate schools and secure employment in fields ranging from chemistry to art history.


NYUAD Students Make an Impact

Each year, exceptional NYUAD students are selected to receive some of the most prestigious education awards in the world and pursue Capstone Projects that address significant local and global challenges.

NYUAD's First Luce Scholar

"I will be working with the Foundation on my placement in the coming months, but I hope to be working on technology education for women in Malaysia."


NYUAD Students Care About Community

Community outreach is an integral part of the NYUAD student profile. Our students are passionate about civic engagement, public service, and research, and many come to Abu Dhabi with previous volunteer experience.

NYUAD students give back to the local community in many ways, such as leading sports programs for children with autism, distributing holiday care packages for workers at the Abu Dhabi Ports, and empowering young girls to become leaders in their own communities.


Our Alumni Are Everywhere

Many NYUAD alumni stay in the United Arab Emirates for employment, while others continue their studies at some of the world's top grad schools.