Program Structure

Students who major in Philosophy must complete 10 courses:

  • 1 Introductory Elective
  • 1 Introduction to Logic
  • 1 History of Philosophy Elective
  • 1 Theoretical Philosophy Elective
  • 1 Practical Philosophy Elective
  • 1 Advanced Seminar
  • 2 Additional Philosophy courses
  • 2 Capstone Project

Only two Introductory Electives may count toward the major in Philosophy.

All students should begin with an Introductory Elective. Satisfactory completion of an Introductory Elective is a prerequisite for all of the other courses required for the major, except Logic courses. Students who are considering a Philosophy major should also take Introduction to Logic as soon as possible — preferably before the end of their second year.

No credit toward the major is awarded for courses with a grade lower than C.

Students who choose to double major in Philosophy and another discipline and who choose to complete their Capstone project in that other discipline must still complete ten Philosophy courses. Instead of the two-semester Capstone Research Project in Philosophy, student may elect any two additional Philosophy courses (other than Introductory Electives).

The study of philosophy is always thought of as a lamp for all branches of knowledge, a means in all activities, and a support for all religious and social duty.



The Capstone project in Philosophy represents the culmination of a student's work in the Philosophy major. It is a substantial work of written scholarship — usually 30–50 pages long — that enables students to explore a philosophical problem that is of particular personal interest, and to make a scholarly contribution to ongoing discussions of that problem. Students should expect to work on their Capstone project throughout their senior year, and their completed project should be a polished and professional example of scholarly research and writing.

Study Abroad

Philosophy majors can study abroad for two semesters.

Generally, majors should plan for their first semester abroad to fall during the spring semester of their sophomore year. They should also plan to take both an Introductory Elective and Introduction to Logic before studying abroad. So long as those requirements have been met, majors are free to study at any of the sites in NYU's Global Network. With the permission of their mentor and the approval of the Philosophy Program, Philosophy majors may also elect to undertake a Philosophy-intensive semester at NYU New York during the fall of their junior year.

All majors should expect to be in Abu Dhabi for the spring semester of their junior year and throughout their senior year.