Learning Outcomes

Philosophy Program

Upon graduation, NYU Abu Dhabi students who major in Philosophy will have acquired: 

  1. The ability to examine and analyze central questions in the range of philosophical areas, including practical philosophy, focusing on fundamental issues in ethics and politics; theoretical philosophy, focusing on fundamental questions in epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of
    language, and philosophy of science; and the global history of philosophy from ancient to modern times
  2. An understanding of the most important arguments and theories that have been offered in response to central philosophical problems, taken both from the history of philosophy and from “cutting edge” work by contemporary philosophers, as well as some familiarity with the virtues and problems associated with those respective arguments and theories
  3. The ability recognize and articulate a philosophical puzzle or question that can be explicated, explored, and at least tentatively answered in an essay or paper
  4. Analytic and reasoning skills, including the ability to formulate problems clearly, to arrive at philosophical positions through an informed and self-reliant process of reasoning, and to argue for these positions in an informed and self-reliant way
  5. Proficiency with propositional and first-order symbolic logic and the corresponding ability to apply the tools of symbolic logic to appropriate philosophical questions and arguments
  6. The ability to present philosophical arguments in rhetorically efficient forms—both written and oral—manifesting cogent reasoning, clarity of expression, and organizational skill

In addition, students who choose Philosophy as their primary major are expected to have developed:

  1. A specialization in one particular field of philosophical inquiry resulting in the production of a senior Capstone project
  2. Sufficient expertise to compete effectively for places at elite doctoral programs in Philosophy in the U.S. and around the world