Learning Outcomes

Music Program

Upon completion of the major in Music at NYUAD, students will have acquired:

  1. Musical literacy, conceived as formal knowledge of music and musical practices from major world cultures, according to style, periodization, region, genre, and structural features.
  2. Ability to communicate in written and oral form about music and music practices employing a critical vocabulary that can be applied to the analysis, interpretation, and making of music;
  3. Ability to use sound equipment, and music notation, sequencing, recording, and programming software;
  4. Ability to compose music in different styles for different configurations instruments voices and/or electronics;
  5. Ability to proficiently play an instrument or sing with proper intonation, clear articulation and phrasing;
  6. An interdisciplinary conception of music, informed by a well-grounded understanding of its historical and contemporary interrelations with other art forms and fields of inquiry and research;

A. In addition, students in the Artistic Practice track are expected to have acquired:

  1. Ability to develop artistic work that reflects conceptual thought;
  2. The development an original Capstone project that demonstrates autonomy and engagement with an arts practice tradition

B. In addition, students in the Music Studies track are expected to have acquired:

  1. The ability to read critically and engage with scholarship on music;
  2. The ability to conduct original research, using library resources, archives, ethnographic methods and/or relevant new technologies, expressed in the form of a scholarly essay;