Students who major in Music must complete 12 courses and pursue one of two tracks: Artistic Practice and Music Studies. Courses offered are grouped into four disciplinary areas:

  • Music Practice
  • Ethnomusicology/Musicology
  • Music Theory
  • Music Technology

Different combinations of courses in the four disciplinary areas define the track for the major.

  • Artistic Practice Track

    Requirements Course Details
    5 required courses Music Theory and Analysis I
    Music Technology Fundamentals
    Making Music
    Music Histories and Historiography
    Anthropology of Music
    2 Capstone Seminar and Project
    1 major elective course Ethnomusicology
    1 major elective course From Music Theory or Ethnomusicology and Musicology
    20 credits Elective course work in Music Practice and/or Music Technology including: at least two 2-credit individual instruction and/or ensemble experiences; at least two 3-or 4-credit courses in Music Technology and/or Music Practice

Private Instruction and Credits

Regardless of track, private instruction cannot be taken for more than 8 credits in either instrument or composition and cannot be more than 10 credits in total. Private Instruction (Music Performance or Composition) and Ensembles are 2-credit courses. All other courses in the Music Program are 4-credit courses.

Sample Course Schedule

The following is an example of a typical course schedule for Music majors during four years of study.

Music (PDF)

Course List