Music Technology Fundamentals

My Favorite Course in Music

Name: Vera Ciocca
Country: Colombia
Year: Class of 2021
Major: Music, with a minor in business of entertainment, media and technology
Course: Music Technology Fundamentals


As a singer-songwriter, this course was essential to me since we widely covered the different tools available to modern music production. We learned about digital audio, microphones, the various music softwares available to produce songs, how to arrange, edit and shape a song.

Vera Ciocca, Class of 2021

Why This Course

I took this course not only because it was a requirement for the music major, but also because nowadays it is crucial for every musician to know the role of technology in music. As I've always felt fascinated towards music production, it is fantastic to have a musical idea in mind and to be able to put it out there in a song and create a record or a demo.

Lastly, I could definitely say this was an "all-in-one" course for almost everything related to music technology.

What I Loved About The Class

I loved when Professor Matteo Marciano shared his own experiences in the music industry on how he started his musical career and reached the point he is at now. It was motivating to have a professor whose work can be heard in movies and television shows such as Frozen, Pitch Perfect, Turbo, and many others.

There would always be time for questions that were not only class-related, but questions about the music industry in general.

Professor Marciano is a very friendly and approachable professor, so whenever we wanted advice or help, he was there for us. At the end of the semester, we also tried his famous tiramisu which was delicious!

Tips on Navigating What Major or Course to Take

NYU Abu Dhabi is a liberal arts college, so it gives you the great opportunity of taking different classes outside your major.

If you're not sure about your major, it is the perfect time to discover it. If you know what major you will be doing, then it's ideal for exploring all those areas you've been curious about.

In my case, I've wanted to study music since I was 12 and this has not changed. While I major in music, I am still taking courses that I find interesting and are useful for my career.


Why NYU Abu Dhabi

That is a long story! But essentially, coming for Candidate Weekend was how I came to my final decision. Having the chance to see with my own eyes what NYUAD looks like and what it can offer me made me say yes right away.