Exposure to Legal Systems Around the World

By Ana Blatnik, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2022

As cliche as it sounds, I have always wanted to pursue a career in law. When I came to NYU Abu Dhabi, I had planned on majoring within the Arts & Humanities division and to pursue Legal Studies as a minor. 

Luckily for me, within the first few months of my first year, Legal Studies became a major. I attended a “London Track” information session where professors explained that it was possible to focus on the common law of England & Wales through the program. The fact that I can get a taste for law classes to qualify within the field in the UK was a huge plus for me.

I think Legal Studies at NYUAD gives you the opportunity to get a real breath of knowledge.

Ana Blatnik, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2022.

What I Like About Legal Studies

There are not many programs where you can get exposed to a great variety of legal systems around the world as usually law programs are very country specific. 

Doing this program as an undergraduate allows me to really understand the differences between the common and civil law systems and where they come from. This is on top of getting exposure to the English law system that you can get via the “London Track” program.

Not only were the professors incredibly helpful when I was trying to navigate the system for the first time, but they were also very good at balancing the liberal arts model by introducing me to the key case law and statutes in the England & Wales systems. 

Because of that, I have developed a unique perspective on the law because I understood the basics of the English system, but can also compare and contrast that with many other legal traditions NYUAD encourages us to familiarize ourselves with. I think that’s a valuable thing becoming a legal studies major can bring to the table in any law or business-related environment later on.

Ana Blatnik, NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2022.

Favorite Course Highlights

I took Contracts as well as Legal Systems & Method at the same time during my second year. Doing two seven-week courses at the same time along with other courses is not easy, but Visiting Professor of Law Peter Goodrich was absolutely amazing at making those long hours entertaining and highly educational. He has such an effective way of pushing me out of my comfort zone, making the class defend our points and promote thinking on our feet. 

As Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility course is a requirement, I did not think much of it beforehand. But it has been such a pleasure having an amazing overview of so many different ethical codes for lawyers around the world — something important especially if you are thinking of pursuing an international legal career. 

As someone who is interested in commercial law, I know there’s a lot of emphasis on creative thinking and diversity of ideas. I always try to remind myself that this is exactly what I have been encouraged to foster throughout my education, and it can actually be a real plus when I apply for jobs. People are always excited to hear about my unique educational experience from NYUAD.