Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the major in Interactive Media at NYU Abu Dhabi, all students on are expected to have fulfilled the following:

  1. Research and Understanding: IM students will cultivate a substantive understanding of the past, present, and future landscape of Interactive Media.
  2. Analytical Thinking: IM students will be challenged to answer fundamental questions relating to the field of Interactive Media.
  3. Conceptual Thinking: IM students will develop conceptual skills through the use of computational and interactive media tools to create project-based work and projectoriented research.
  4. Critical Thinking: IM students will refine their critical thinking skills by analyzing and critiquing work in cultural, social, historical, ethical, and aesthetic contexts.
  5. Technical Implementation: IM students will cultivate technical skills with contemporary media technologies to execute their coursework.
  6. Creative Processes: IM students will gain the ability to explore, innovate, and realize creative ideas in multiple fields of inquiry and interest.
  7. Organization and Communication: IM students will develop professional practices of delivering and sharing their work.
  8. Collaboration: IM Students will gain experience in collaboration through active participation in group and team-based work.