The Interactive Media major consists of 12 courses, distributed as follows. Students are required to take four foundation courses, a minimum of six elective courses, a Capstone Seminar, and a Capstone Project.

Requirements Course Details
4 courses Introduction to Interactive Media; Communications Lab; Communication and Technology; Understanding Interactive Media — Critical Questions and Theories
6 electives

At least one from each of the following three clusters:

Physical Computing — human-centric design patterns expressed through electronics and physical interaction design.
Computational Media — logic and creative expression through programming and screen-based interaction design.
Media and Design Thinking — emphasizes critical communication skills through a combination of theoretical discourse, mixed media, multimedia, and problem-based learning.

And at least two at the 2000-level, and at least one at the 3000-level.

2 Capstone Capstone Seminar and Capstone Project

Course List