Students who major in General Engineering must complete 23.25 courses.

Requirements Course Details
4.5 required courses in Foundations of Science
1 to 4
SCIEN-UH 1101–1103  Energy and Matter
SCIEN-UH 1201–1203 Forces and Interactions
SCIEN-UH 1301–1304 Systems in Flux
SCIEN-UH 1401–1404 Form and Function
4 required courses in Mathematics MATH-UH 1012Q Calculus with Applications: Science and Engineering
MATH-UH 1020 Multivariable Calculus: Science and Engineering
MATH-UH 1023 Fundamentals of Linear Algebra (half course)
MATH-UH 1024 Fundamentals of Ordinary Differential Equations
(half course)
ENGR-UH 2010Q Probability and Statistics for Engineers
(half course)
One of:
ENGR-UH 2025 Fundamentals of Discrete Math (half course)
ENGR-UH 2026 Partial Differential Equations for Engineers
(half course)
ENGR-UH 2027 Introduction to Data Analysis for Engineers
(half course)
4.25 required Common Courses in Engineering ENGR-UH 1000 Computer Programming for Engineers
ENGR-UH 1010 Engineering Ethics (0.25 course)
ENGR-UH 1021J Design and Innovation (half course)
ENGR-UH 2011 Engineering Statics (half course)
ENGR-UH 2012 Conservation Laws in Engineering (half course)
ENGR-UH 2013 Digital Logic (half course)
ENGR-UH 2017 Numerical Methods (half course)
ENGR-UH 2019 Circuits Fundamentals (half course)
1.5 required course ENGR-UH 3110 Instrumentation, Sensors, Actuators
ENGR-UH 3120 Engineering Materials (half course)
7.5 major elective courses General Engineering discipline requirements
2 credits of these must be from a Capstone co-requisite course taken in senior fall.   
2 Capstone ENGR-UH 4011 Capstone Design Project 1 (half course)
ENGR-UH 4020 Capstone Design Project II

Sample Course Schedule

All potential engineering majors should begin engineering coursework in the fall semester of their first year. However, the precise order in which courses should be planned depends upon the student’s initial mathematics placement. The following are examples of typical course schedules for General Engineering majors during four years of study:

Typical Math Preparation (PDF)
Initial Three Semesters for Students with Weaker Math Preparation (PDF)
Initial Three Semesters for Students with Stronger Math Preparation (PDF)

Course List