Requirements Course Details
2 required courses Intermediate Chinese I; Intermediate Chinese II
2 required courses Advanced Chinese 1; Advanced Chinese II

Students who wish to pursue a minor in Chinese are required to take 16 Chinese language course points through the Advanced II level. Elementary Chinese 1 and Elementary Chinese 2 do not count toward fulfilling the requirements.

If Advanced II is reached prior to fulfilling the 16 points, a higher-level language courses (i.e., past Advanced II) must be taken to fulfill the remaining points. Substitute courses needed to satisfy the 16 points can be courses or directed studies that are conducted in a Chinese language, either Mandarin or another recognized language such as Cantonese. Such courses are offered in both New York and Shanghai and include Cantonese language classes and subject matter classes such as literature taught in Mandarin.

No more than two transfer courses (8 credits) may be accepted toward the minor, subject to review by and approval of the Head of the Chinese Program.

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