The Course That Brought My Artistic Vision to Life

My Favorite Course in Art and Art History

Name: Sarah Almehairi
Country: United Arab Emirates
Year: Class of 2019
Major: Art and art history
Course: Visual Arts Capstone Seminar

This course helps develop and realize your Capstone project, which every student at NYU Abu Dhabi will conduct in their fourth year based on their preferred research or creative work.

Why This Course

Besides helping  to develop and realize my Capstone idea, this course provided the environment, structure and guidance to explore my creativity and artistic skill on a larger level.

It also allowed me to hone in on my personal interests and goals as an artist, and achieve them to the best of my ability. We started the class by creating tons of work and thereby developing the concept that I will either carry out in an end of year exhibition, or in some other showcase. 

Capstone exhibition of Sarah Almehairi, Class of 2019.

A Typical Day in This Class

A typical day for this class was coming together as a class to regroup and go over important announcements or information, and to do a quick writing exercise. We had studio time or critique sessions with professors and our fellow peers, while also having the opportunity to attend various exhibitions.

What I Loved About The Class

I got to visit my peers’ studios and watch their ideas unfold, which helped me to develop as an artist and build a support system. I also loved having my professor’s and mentor’s constant support.

The ratio of student to professors are above average at this University, which allows for a more personal interaction, and a lot more feedback to understand and grow as an artist. These experiences, though small, have definitely motivated and enhanced my learning experience here.

Capstone exhibition of Sarah Almehairi, Class of 2019.

Tips on Navigating What Major or Course to Take

  1. Take courses that draw upon your interest or courses you can’t take beyond the NYUAD campus. This University is a unique campus that offers courses with a unique point of view.
  2. Take classes that challenge you and gets you out of your comfort zone. In liberal arts, classes intersect and everyone comes in with a different perspective, which ultimately benefits everyone.

Why NYU Abu Dhabi?

Due to its reputation and amazing feedback from the current NYUAD students when applying, I was drawn to having a university experience like no other place in the world.

I was interested in a liberal arts curriculum knowing that I could take a wide range of subjects and not be bound by a single major throughout my four years.

Sarah Almehairi, Class of 2019

Other big reasons why NYUAD is appealing to me are the environment and diversity. It is a very welcoming culture on campus— one that is open-minded, driven, and curious.