Tasos Keliris

Graduate Student Affiliation: NYU New York
Education: Dipl. Ing. Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Tasos Keliris is a PhD candidate at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of NYU Tandon School of Engineering. He is pursuing his PhD under the supervision of Professor Michail Maniatakos, director of MoMA Lab, on the topic of Automatic Intelligence Generation for Industrial Control System deployments.

Tasos likes fiddling with hardware and software and challenging the intelligence of all things 'smart.' He has published several works in both academic and industry venues on diverse security topics, and has identified critical vulnerabilities in real world critical infrastructure devices (CVE-2017-7905). His research mainly concerns Industrial Control Systems and Power Grid security. Tasos has also developed security challenges and organized NYU's Cyber Security Awareness Week Embedded Systems Challenge, and is an advocate of strong security and privacy.

Courses Taught