NYUAD Biomedical Engineering Labs

Advanced Microfluidics and Microdevices Laboratory

AMMLab is currently working with diverse facets of miniaturization and integration in biology, life sciences, and medicine, which includes the conception, engineering, and utilization of novel micro and nanotechnologies to manipulate, stimulate and study biological entities.

Integrated BioElectronics Laboratory

The Integrated BioElectronics Lab aims at advancing the engineering and applications of silicon integrated technology interfacing with biology in a variety of forms ranging from implantable biomedical devices to unobtrusive wearable sensors.

Laboratory for Advanced Neuroengineering and Translational Medicine

The Ramadi Lab for Advanced Neuroengineering and Translational Medicine develops innovative approaches for the modulation of neural activity throughout the body. We combine mechanical, electrical, materials, and bio-engineering toolkits towards designing minimally invasive technologies for neuromodulation.

Laboratory for Immuno Bioengineering Research and Applications (LIBRA)

Deciphering the role of mechanical factors on immune cells through basic research, to unveil new insights into immune homeostasis and dysregulation for innovative translational applications. Our team achieve this overall goal through the use of model systems that integrates Immuno-mechanobiology, Microenvironment Mimicry, and Video-omics.

NetBio Group

Blending theory with experiments, we focus on the behavior of networks with particular emphasis on synthetic biology applications.

The Vijay Lab

3D Printing and Bioprinting for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug testing, and medical devices

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Print and Probe

Mohammad Qasaimeh explains how 3D printers could improve access to technologies essential for scientific discovery.

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