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NYUAD social science faculty and researchers are frequently featured in the local and international media.

Let the sky fall
In her debut novel, Pakistani writer takes a stand against injustice in a tale that travels from Lahore to New York.
Nepali Times | December 25, 2022

Cycle of shame
September marked suicide prevention awareness month, while Oct 10 was World Mental Health Day. As hesitant as we are to speak about them, incidents of self-harm linked to mental health problems aren’t uncommon in Pakistan.
Dawn | October 22, 2022

How physical reading spaces are vital for keeping children’s imagination alive
In my recent book talks, a question that inevitably came up was about childhood and the imagery early memories evoke. 
Khaleej Times | April 28, 2022

Motherhood and Writing: An oxymoron?
I am, without the shadow of a doubt, a happier, better, less restless mother, when I don’t feel axed into surrendering my own song.
Khaleej Times | March 10, 2022

Why demanding diversity in storytelling is a good fight
It's vital to see more people who look, speak, think like us, in the stories we read.
Khaleej Times | February 03, 2022

Lovers and Borders: SKYFALL author Saba Karim Khan on Pakistan, India, politics, and craft
An interview with author Saba Karim Khan: “Skyfall illuminates the soul of a Sufi love song. It is underpinned by a longing for hope, a desperation to see the glass half-full, despite the bleakness we envision about the future.”
The Chakkar | 2021

Sonali Bendre speaks to Saba Karim Khan about her debut novel, Skyfall, as part of Sonali’s Book Club
Facebook | July 21, 2021

US’ ‘save Afghan women’ chorus has a problem—it’s laden with colonial missionary stereotypes
US 'save Afghan women project' meant reinforcing connections between faith and gender violence, reducing the plight of women to the wrongdoing of Muslim men.
The Print | September 02, 2021

Saving Mission
Afghan women faced violent injustice under Taliban rule; there were threats to girls’ education, attacks on sexual orientation, restrictions on public mobility to name a few, but the problem with the ‘saving’ mission is that it is laden with colonial missionary stereotypes. 
Dawn | August 31, 2021

Skyfall: Saba Karim Khan invites readers to imagine a world ‘much like Abu Dhabi’
Abu Dhabi-based Pakistani author and award-winning filmmaker Saba Karim Khan, whose debut novel Skyfall was published earlier this year, tells Anand Raj OK how she wrote the book during the pandemic and why it’s important to not let anyone tell you what your aukaat is.
FridayMagazine, The National | July 29, 2021

WKND Books: Abu Dhabi-based Pakistani writer Saba Karim Khan's hard-hitting debut novel
What makes women ‘troublemakers’ — is it their aspirations or their desire to break free from societal norms? Pakistani writer Saba Karim Khan’s debut novel Skyfall poignantly weaves in these questions.
Khaleej Times | January 21, 2021

'Skyfall': How Saba Karim Khan's debut novel aims to break Pakistani women out of 'boxes'
The NYUAD instructor's book tells the story of Rania, a tour guide in Lahore who strives to be a classical singer.
The National | January 06, 2021

All About Books!
Upcoming information about EAFOL 2021, with festival director Ahlam Bolooki, meeting author Saba Karim Khan, and chatting about books of the year with Flora Rees.
Dubai Eye 103.8 | December 31, 2020

Concrete Dreams: A Documentary Film By Saba Khan
After winning the Best Documentary Award at the Indian World Film Festival, Saba Khan speaks to BAZAAR Art about her debut documentary film, Concrete Dreams: Some Roads Lead Home.
Harper's Bazaar Arabia | October 30, 2020

How two young men went from the streets of Karachi to playing football in Rio
'Concrete Dreams', a new documentary by Saba Khan, shows that achieving your goals isn't just the territory of the privileged
The National | August 25, 2020

The brand that is “Pakistani men”
Saba Karim Khan finds much to unpack.
The Friday Times | June 12, 2020

How TV is connecting communities this Ramadan
Ramadan is the Arab world's most important TV season. This year, despite Covid-19 movement restrictions, fans are finding ways to share viewing experiences.
CNN | May 07, 2020

In Pakistan, sex workers face a cruel dilemma – feed their children or risk infection with coronavirus
Sex workers are not part of the formal economy, eliminating them from Pakistan’s Covid-19 relief agendas. Taboo exacerbates their invisibility
Independent | April 13, 2020