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Bright Hot Crystals

NYUAD researchers achieve solid state Thermochemiluminescence with crystals that emit light when heated.

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NYU Abu Dhabi science research and faculty are frequently featured in local and international media.

NYU Abu Dhabi professor named as Fellow of the American Chemical Society
The status of American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow has been awarded to Professor Naumov for his exceptional contributions to science.
Zawya | August 3, 2021

NYUAD researchers shed new light on mysteries behind light emission of fireflies
A team of researchers from the New York University Abu Dhabi’s Smart Materials Lab led by Professor of Chemistry Panče Naumov has conducted an exhaustive review of the scientific literature surrounding the natural production of light, called bioluminescence, and developed conclusions that will help others in the field to direct their research and uncover the mysteries behind this natural phenomenon.
Emirates News Agency | December 13, 2020

Abu Dhabi research team furthers understanding of bioluminescence
New study provides comprehensive overview of the natural phenomenon in beetles.
Gulf News | December 13, 2020

Abu Dhabi research team furthers understanding of bioluminescence
A team of researchers from the New York University Abu Dhabi’s is studying the natural production of light, called bioluminescence, with the aim of helping others in the field direct their research about this fascinating phenomenon.
24 Emirates | December 13, 2020

NYUAD Uncovers Mysteries Behind the Light Emission of Fireflies
A female glowworm of the Lampyris beetle, glowing green-yellow light. The insect was photographed by Meri Aleksov.
The Sustanabilist | December 13, 2020

Researchers shed new light on mysteries behind the light emission of fireflies
Naumov and colleagues provide the most comprehensive critical overview of the field of the bioluminescence of beetles, including fireflies, to date. | December 10, 2020

NYUAD researchers shed new light on mysteries behind the light emission of fireflies
This wondrous phenomenon has long fascinated scientists and the public, but many details of the chemical reactions used to produce light remain unclear.
Science Codex  | December 10, 2020

Researchers achieve solid state thermochemiluminescence with crystals
The findings, published in the journal Nature Communications, demonstrate that this fundamental process of transduction of energy—heat, applied to a material, generates light—can be achieved in pure solid materials of millimeter or centimeter size. | March 01, 2019

Inkless pen to protect secret documents
Researchers have prepared a light-emitting organic material that can be used to print patterns, write documents and even encode secret codes on a filter paper using just sunlight.
Nature India | August 31, 2018

Organic Crystals Twist, Bend, and Heal
Panče Naumov, NYU Abu Dhabi, Naba K. Nath, National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya, India, and colleagues have engineered a molecular soft cocrystalline structure that bends and twists reversibly and without disintegration when stimulated by high temperature, mechanical force, or under UV light.
Chemistry Views | June 18, 2018

NYUAD professor named Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute Fellow
New York University Abu Dhabi’s Associate Professor of Chemistry, Pance Naumov, has been named a 2018-2019 Radcliffe Institute Fellow at Harvard University.
Emirates News Agency | May 31, 2018

Going through a phase
Chemists are finding fascinating phase-change phenomena that make crystals jump and pop.
‘It started as a curiosity,’ recalls Pance Naumov, now an associate professor at NYU Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. ’One of my postdocs came to me and said: “I can’t get hold of my crystals, they are escaping!”’
Chemistry World | November 10, 2017

ACIE: press release on work from the Naumov Group entitled “Raucous Crystals.”
Some organic crystals jump around when heated up. This happens because of an extremely fast change in their crystal structure. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, scientists have now demonstrated that the crystals send out acoustic signals during this process, which may be useful in analyzing the characteristics of this phenomenon. The researchers demonstrated that this process is analogous to martensitic transitions observed in steel and some alloys.
Wiley  |  June 16, 2017

Desy: Jumping crystals produce sound waves
Organic crystals behave like steel
Desy  |  June 14, 2017

Panče Naumov and colleagues were recognized for their work on firefly bioluminescence by the Human Frontier Science Program
The different color of bioluminescent light emitted by different organisms has inspired several decades of inconclusive research efforts and debates on its mechanism and the underlying photochemistry. Now, mathematical analysis of the spectra of firefly oxyluciferin, the emitting molecule in fireflies embedded in the bioluminescent enzyme luciferase, has for the first time provided direct insight into the mechanistic complexity of this natural system for generation of cold light.
HFSP  |  February 14, 2017

The bending, self-healing crystals that scientists believe have huge potential
Researchers in Abu Dhabi are among a team looking at crystals that can bend and then reform, leading to predictions that we might eventually see self-healing cars or buildings.
The National  |  October 29, 2016