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New insight into mammalian stem cell evolution
Scientists are learning about species adaptation by comparing their stem cell-related genes.
Asia Research News | September 7,2020

Eye blinking on-a-chip
A new approach could lead to 'cornea-on-a-chip' devices that more accurately test the effects of drugs on the human eye
EurekAlert | March 24, 2020

How "bodies on a chip" can transform animal welfare
"Bodies on a chip” serve as proxies for living beings, alleviating the need for lab animals, inspiring new cures for rare diseases and even offering a way to resuscitate dying species
BBC Future | January 25, 2019

Next-generation drug testing on chips
Improvements to tiny body-on-a-chip devices could lead to next-generation pre-clinical testing of drug toxicity
EurekAlert | August 25, 2017

Artificial Cellular Microenvironments
A hybrid platform of microfluidics and nanofibers to reproduce artificial cellular microenvironments with a variety of cellular densities and scaffolds is reported.
Advanced Science News | March 14, 2017