Justin Blau

Professor and Chair, Department of Biology, NYU New York Affiliation: NYU New York
Education: BA, Cambridge University (UK); PhD, University of London

Research Websites: Center for Genomics and Systems Biology

Research Areas: Genetics, Circadian System, Neuroplasticity

Justin Blau is the Chair of NYU's Biology Department in New York. After an undergraduate degree at Cambridge University, Justin studied transcriptional regulation during his PhD at the University of London with David Bentley. He moved to the Rockefeller University in 1996 to study circadian rhythms in Drosophila as a postdoc with Mike Young and has continued this line of research when he opened his lab at NYU in 2000. His current work focuses on using the circadian system to understand mechanisms of plasticity and activity-dependent gene expression. He was based full time at NYUAD from 2014 to 2016.