Jamie Whelan

Associate Lecturer of Chemistry Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi

Research Areas: Materials Science, Petroleomics, Teaching

Jamie's role is primarily involved in engaging freshman and sophomore students in the chemistry laboratories, by designing fun and interactive experiments that make chemistry relevant to the real world, as well as showing the central nature of chemistry to all other scientific and engineering disciplines. This builds on his previous role in the lecture component of the Foundations of Science Chemistry course where he was part of a team that carried out in-class demonstration experiments as well as 5-10 minute "flash talks" on topics of the practical applications of chemistry.

Prior to joining NYUAD, Jamie worked in several other teaching and research-related positions both in the UAE, Canada, and Ireland. His areas of research interest cover a broad range of materials science, catalysis, and petroleomics. Jamie is very active in terms of outreach, helping to bring high-school students to experience science here at NYUAD, as well as showcasing NYUAD's research efforts to students in schools and events throughout the UAE.

Jamie Whelan's research and teaching interests include Materials Science, Petroleomics, Teaching.

Courses Taught