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Godfried Toussaint, Professor and Head of Computer Science, NYUAD

Lifetime Achievement Award

Computer Science Program Head Godfried Toussaint honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Computer Science from the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Computer Science.

Rhyme or Reason

Rhyme or Reason

The Rhythm Project at NYUAD will provide a deeper insight into the musical behavior of humans

Scholars already know that societies present and past, everywhere in the world, make music and move to music because rhythm is largely biological, it’s simple human nature. But the role of culture in this seemingly universal experience is not yet fine tuned.

Musical performance at NYU Abu Dhabi

NYUAD Juniors Present Musical Rhythm Analysis at ICPRAM

For NYU Abu Dhabi junior Juan Felipe Beltran, presenting at the 2013 International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM) in Barcelona last month provided a glimpse into a possible post-NYUAD academic path. As the Computer Science major said, "While still determining my future career, doing research in different fields is definitely giving me the information I need to slowly narrow it down. At the moment, machine learning and pattern recognition does seem like a fantastic and rich field to work in."