Dania Zantout

Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Email: dz41@nyu.edu
Education: BS in Mathematics with high honors, Beirut Arab University; MS in Pure Mathematics, American University of Beirut; PhD in Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University

Research Areas: Number Theory, Automorphic Forms, Theta Liftings, L-functions and Abelian Varieties.

Prior to joining NYUAD, Dr. Dania Zantout was appointed as a visiting assistant professor in the school of mathematics and statistical sciences at Clemson University. She brings with her an international teaching experience with a career in mathematics that started since 2001. As part of a program for outstanding BS graduates at Beirut Arab University, she held the position of an instructor in several universities teaching a wide variety of courses at all undergraduate levels. She completed her MS in pure mathematics at the American University of Beirut after which she moved to the US for her doctoral studies at Clemson University that culminated with a PhD in mathematical sciences.

Dr. Zantout’s research interest is in the modular forms area of number theory, which is an ideal meeting ground for analytical, algebraic, and geometrical techniques. Her work particularly focused on cuspidal liftings and their connection to Borel subgroups. While an undergraduate, her research involved cryptosystems based on polynomial rings. Her graduate studies also involve an MS thesis on the study of the growth of the maximum modulus of entire functions.

Having being immersed in many years of highly diverse and rigorous mathematical training from almost all areas of mathematics ranging from pure to applied that she especially acquired while at Clemson, her teaching interests span courses from developmental to senior level mathematics including applications of mathematics to other scientific fields.

While exercising her teaching duties at Clemson, she had developed a deep passion for perfecting her role as an educator of mathematics. To that goal, she had actively participated in several workshops, seminars, and webinars for the implementation of evidence-based techniques in the successful delivery of content and for new learning strategies that ensure effective transfer of knowledge.

Her enthusiasm and commitment to excellence have been rewarded with three awards at the university, college of engineering and science and department of mathematics levels. Her teaching methods involve a huge emphasis on inclusive and active learning instructional strategies with critical thinking and a growth mindset model. Her distinguished style relies on the extensive tailored communication and customized student feedback that she practices whether in the classroom, extensive office hours and online forums in which students discuss course-related questions. She dedicates a great amount of her time to help the students learn the concepts by effectively challenging them. Being chosen as a highly effective teacher model in the engineering education department at Clemson, she served as a mentor for graduate students training to teach mathematics for the first time.

Deeply believing in empowering students at all levels, she engaged in several outreach opportunities through coaching math competitions and serving as a local math club leader. She is excited to bring the outreach initiatives to the UAE through her role at NYUAD for offering programs that would encourage students and especially girls to pursue STEM disciplines.