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Fighting Cancer Where it Starts

Farah Benyettou and Ali Trabolsi, collaborated to create a magnetic nanoparticle that can carry the chemotherapy drug Doxorubicin, which can be guided straight to tumor sites.

Using Chemistry to Create Smart Materials

NYU Abu Dhabi rising senior Selbi Nuryyeva (Class of 2015), from Turkmenistan, is a busy undergraduate with a packed schedule. For two years, she has spent summers and semesters as a research assistant intern in both Abu Dhabi and New York, and has published two papers and presented her work at international conferences.

NYUAD Research Group Focuses on Nanoparticles for Delivery of Cancer Treatment

A defining feature of NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ali Trabolsi's office is the large whiteboard that looms on the wall. Decked in hexagons, subscripts, curt lines, and symbols, he uses this simple technology to illustrate the makeup of the complex chemical structures he and his team study at the University's Center for Science and Engineering.